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Do It Anyways

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm not much of a runner. It just feels really hard to me, maybe the way swimming feels really hard to others. But I do it anyways. Partly because I'm just stubborn and partly because there's such a great running community here in Durham that I want to be a part of it. Over the last year I've been sporadically running on a trail near my house. Not far, and certainly not very fast, but I ran. After a few attempts to run on my neighborhood streets I felt I couldn't go even a mile without having to walk due to discomfort in my shins and feet. Asphalt is certainly less forgiving to poor form than a wooded path! But, not being one to quit, I decided on a new approach. I've started a Couch to 5K app with the goal of slowly adjusting to road running. I just finished Week 2, Day 1 and so far so good. It's still uncomfortable, but in a manageable way. As I loped through the run portions of the workout I kept thinking about Big City Mountaineer's kids on their first outdoor adventure. I can imagine how uncomfortable it must be, carrying a pack for the first time, walking up mountains, not knowing what lies ahead. But as many of us have learned in life, if you can just push through a little discomfort, if you can just set your mind on the goal ahead, and believe in what you're capable of, the reward at the end of the journey is so worth it. Sure, lots of people can walk out their door and run a 5k with little effort. But will they have the same feeling of accomplishment when they cross that 3rd mile that I will after working for weeks to get there? The kids BCM takes out will learn so much about their own durability and will feel a sense of accomplishment they may not otherwise find in their challenged childhood. If they can push through their discomfort to reach their goals, then I can to.

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