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A Totally Random Poem

While looking for something else I came across a poem I wrote in 2012. It made me chuckle so I wanted to share it with you. I hope it brings you a chuckle too!


There once was a girl

Off she went camping, all by herself

She put up her tent and crawled inside

Her own little spot in the woods to hide

There once was a bear

Off he went searching for something to eat

He sniffed under leaves and over creeks

He’d been dreaming of berries for weeks

The bear came to a path in the woods

When he soon found a tent with the girl inside

“I smell berries” said he

“I hear something” said she

The bear shuffled up to the tent sniffing and snorting

The girl sat inside sniffling and sobbing

“Go away Mr Bear” said she

“You smell like berries” said he

The girl was frightened and worried

So she took out a knife she always carried

“I think I’ll have your berries,” said he

“I don’t think you will” said she

And with one quick turn of the knife

And a flick of the wrist

The girl had cut off all her hair

And threw it out of the tent to the bear

“What’s this?” he asked

“It’s your berries” she answered

Realizing his mistake, he ran off, a disappointed bear

And that was the last time the girl used scented shampoo in her hair.


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