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On July 9 I walked into base camp after a 10 hour push to the summit of the Grand Teton and back. Six guys, strangers to me just 3 days before, let out a cheer. "Way to go, Nicole!" they said.

I'd met this group of guys, who I'd grow to think of as brothers, at the Lupine Meadows Trailhead at the start of the hike up the Grand. It was a bit awkward, finally meeting this group that I knew little about but had been thinking about for months. I knew going in that I'd be the only woman in the group, but looking back now I realize how silly it was of me to worry about that - these guys were amazing. Kind, patient, supportive, generous - all the things you'd want in climbing partners! Among the group was Ben Schenck, host of the MtnMeister podcast. This whole adventure began with an episode of MtnMeister. You can read the story behind that in my previous post, Full Circle. Being a big fan of the show I was pretty excited and nervous to meet him. It's funny to meet someone for the first time who's voice you're already so familiar with. With Ben were Chris and Adam, 2 friends from Boston who would be documenting our trip and helping Ben put together a website. Then there were the other 3 MtnMeister fans: Ken, Neal, and Scott. Together we moved up the mountain, and those 4 days on the Grand Teton will forever be one my most cherished experiences.

To listen to the MtnMeister Grand Teton Summit for Someone Trip Report and check out some of Chris' beautiful photos from the trip click the image below.

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